Picture yourself – looking good and feeling healthy – and you will be taking an important first step in designing a lifestyle that will reward you with a steady supply of pure vitality.


The foundation of my work as a coach is to help you create a powerful, healthy vision for yourself. When you start to see yourself in a healthier context – you’re in a much better position to begin taking action consistent with your goals.

Having a vision, of course, is just the beginning.

With personalized guidance that I can provide in-person (while walking, perhaps), or via regular phone calls (even if you live in another part of the country),

I can help you:

  • set realistic yet powerful goals
  • understand the challenges that may have a way of undermining your efforts to succeed
  • identify the resources in your environment that can be tapped to assist you in overcoming such obstacles
  • build a strong support system of family, friends and co-workers
  • create strategies that will give you the strength to stay true to your plan even when the stuff of life gets in the way

“I always enjoy my coaching sessions with Barry. He has a unique way of empowering me with ‘out of the box’ ideas. In between our sessions he sends texts and emails that really help me to achieve my weekly goals”. – Regina N

Give yourself, and your family, the gift of a healthier you!

Come join our walking club and let me help you create simple, effective strategies for becoming more active … and enjoying life more fully.

Contact me today to schedule a complimentary coaching session.

Tell me how I can best help you get on a healthy track and stay on a healthy track.

Wishing you boundless joy and energy!