Basic RGBWelcome to Momentum, my blog/newsletter.

We don’t really need to know the classic definition (in terms of physics) of the word momentum in order to appreciate its impact on our life. When we’ve got ‘big mo’ in our favor, life seems to proceed along quite nicely,

The problem is that we have to constantly find ways to overcome a certain inertia that takes hold of us by the nature of the world in which we live. The plain truth is that we live pretty sedentary lives.

Just a few generations ago our ancestors toiled in the fields or had tasks that required them to use their bodies from sun up to sun down. Not so today. Thanks to modern labor saving devices and advances in technology, we are now able get lots more done, in less time, and with hardly any physical effort on our part. That’s progress, for sure.

But the downside is that most of what we do these days is done while sitting on our butt. We sit in the car to get to work. We sit at a desk for most of our work day. And then we spend the evening sitting on the couch, recovering from our exhausting day of sitting. Pretty crazy when you think about it.

The antidote, of course, is movement, which when done often enough and infused with the right dose of purpose and fun, can help us sustain the kind of momentum that leads to genuine well-being.

Momentum is my way of sharing with you the things I’ve come to know and believe to be effective strategies for generating momentum in life. My passion, as you know by now, is helping people to be physically active. The growing evidence leaves no doubt that a physically active life is one that rewards us with many tangible benefits – for body, mind and spirit.

Even though what I write is geared mostly toward simple, effective ways to stay physically active, by no means are my suggestions limited to getting out and moving your body.

My experience as a health and wellness coach tells me that in order to flourish in the fullest sense, we must pay attention to other elements as well; our relationships, our work, our mindset (just to name a few), if we are to achieve a desirable balance in life. So my posts will be be wide ranging, as I seek to be offer you ideas that can help you maintain some nice momentum.


Please contact me if I can assist you in any way on your journey toward optimal health.