Barry Bouthilette, The Walking Coach and author of Feel the Zest: 89 Ways to Be Fully Energized, lives in the beautiful village of Florence, Massachusetts (about 100 miles west of Boston) in the gorgeous Connecticut River valley.

Barry is certified as a Health and Wellness coach by Wellcoaches in affiliation with the American College of Sports Medicine. He holds a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare from the University of California and is a member of the Wellness Council of America as well as the Western Massachusetts Coaching Alliance.

His friends call him “Boots” or “the Energy Guy.” Life has blessed him with an abundance of enduring energy, thus the nickname.

He is married to Nonie who is also one of the most dynamic people you’d ever want to meet. Together they have four children, Nick, Kate, Matt and Annie (and son-in-law Andre) who have taught them many wonderful life lessons.

The great outdoors is where Barry loves to be. Give him a choice between working around the house, or playing outside (no matter the season), and he’ll almost always choose play. Cross country skiing (he just loves to be in the woods), bicycling and hiking are three of his favorite activities.

His mission in life is to inspire people to be fully engaged in a life that really matters. He maintains an active coaching practice and offers personalized coaching sessions over the phone, or via a walk-and-talk format.